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Information for my 3rd Grade Friends!

Greetings Mr. Burrows´ 3rd Grade Class and other blog viewers!

In each blog entry I try to always include information pertinent to not only my travels but the city, country, and continent in which I am travelling, studying, and living. Enclosed is this blog is a more concentrated presentation of facts about Cuenca and Ecuador. I always welcome and encourage questions and comments. Thanks so much for your continued interest, the world belongs to you, explore it and you will love it even more!

- Cuenca is located at 8,400 feet above sea level
-As a result of this high altitude and its proximity to the equator the sun is more intense
-Most crimes in Ecuador are of a non-violent nature. In fact, most crime is related to theft and drug abuse.
-Cuenca, as a city is especially conversative, Cuencanos dress conservatively, use conservative language, and are very connected to their Catholic faith
-In Latin America lunch is the most important and largest meal of the day
-Breakfast usually consists of tea or coffee, bread and fruit
-Lunch begins with creamy soup, followed by a dish of meat, vegetables, and white rice
-dinner is much lighter and usually rice with vegetables are served
-Because the sewage system in Ecuador and most parts of Latin America cannot handle toilet paper therefore toilet paper has to be placed in a waste paper basket near the toilet after use
-walking barefoot outside of one's bedroom is perceived as unacceptable, additionally it is rare to find people walking in open-toed shoes
-Ecuador is just smaller than Nevada, it is located on and named after the Equator
-Ecuador's population is 13.4 million and growing 2% annually
-Spanish is the official language of Ecudor however, Quichua is spoken by indigenous groups of Ecuador, it is not considered an official however
-80% of Ecuadorians are Catholic, the remaining percentage are religiously unaffiliated or are members of other forms of Christianity or Jevoah's Witness and Mormons
-A common trait among all Ecuadorians is the value of the place on familial relationships and responsibilties
-Greeting are usually kiss exchanges on the cheek, between men hand shakes or embraces are more common
-1/3 of Ecuadorian population is employed in agriculture, producing fruit, coffee, sugarcane, corn, potatoes, and rice
-Ecuador is the largest banana exporter
-Education: beginning at the age of 6, children attend 6 years of mandatory education
-The school day lasts from 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM
-Students wear uniforms regardless of what school they attend
-There are 21 universities in Ecuador, the largest being in Quito, Cuenca however, is known as a city of scholars because there are four large unviersities and several small secondary institutions

I hope you enjoyed this brief entry and I hope you were able to learn a bit more about this very special country!

Posted by A Burrows 07:24

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