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Strengthening Setback

In Chicago

A Warm Chicago Greeting!
To continue my documentation of this story...
I arrived this morning at Jill Dodds' (a family friend) condo located directly in downtown Chicago. I took the train into the city early this morning from Suzanne's home located in Woodstock. I immediately resumed my work to re-ascertain a passport. I took a cab to the Chicago Passport Agency and was directed to a phone outside of their heavily-guarded office to schedule an automated appointment. The first available time offered was not going to be until late next week-which would've been a "no can do". I then waited on hold for about 15 minutes upon which I was able to speak to actual representative. I explained my circumstance and she was able to squeeze me in for an appointment tomorrow morning (Friday)! YAY! So, Jill and I are going to make the trek to their office once again at which point I will meet with them and present the necessary documents while Jill will be acting as my supportive witness as I no longer have a driver's license.
Additional good news: my luggage arrived from Minneapolis from where it was originally mistakenly re-routed this evening!
I finally am wearing clean underwear and a more different clothes than what I have been wearing for the past couple of days!
Additional good news: because I have to provide a proof of departure tomorrow when I go to the Chicago Passport Agency, I went ahead and rescheduled a flight for Tuesday morning at 10:35 AM!!!
So, although I am reluctant to anticipate anything to be definitive, I do feel justified knowing that there is at least moderate promise in my future!
As always, I shall do my best to keep you updated. To those of you who continue to support, encourage, love, and worry for me, I am thankful and cannot express how much I value it!

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Stolen items

Greetings to All!
To those who have call, e-mailed, and sent messages expressing concern, assistance, support, and love. I thank you and cannot do so enough. For those who are unaware of my current circumstances I will provide a brief synopsis:
Approximately two hours prior to boarding my plane to Ecuador in Miami, a black camara case that was also serving as passport, money, and ID holder was stolen from possession while I went to the restroom. I discovered it missing upon preparing for departure. I immediately reported this incident and spent the next two hours canvassing all lost and found services...despite that I knew it was stolen I think I was holding unto to some hope that it was by some chance turned in. I then reported it stolen to American Airlines. I had to be re-routed back to Chicago as Chicago is the site of the nearest Visa/Passport processing agency and also the nearest site of an Ecuadorian consulate. Although Washington DC is another site for such services, I knew of no one with whom I could stay while there. I flew into Chicage around 9:15 PM Tuesday evening at which point I discovered my luggage was mistakenly sent to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I reported this and was informed that it would arrive at the residence at which I would be staying within 24 hours. I did and have not yet received my luggage. Upon calling American Airlines, I was informed that my luggage had not yet left the Twin Cities airport and will hopefully be delivered tomorrow, Thursday. My good friend Suzanne, an elementary music teacher who lives outside of Chicago picked me up at the airport and I have been staying with her since that time. Tomorrow, I will leave Suzanne's and will stay with other family friends who live directly in downtown Chicago. Today was spent calling and e-mailing my program coordinators, study abroad offices, visa/passport agencies, travel agencies, and airports. I am okay, really I am hanging in there and trying to keep my spirits as positive as possible. I, truthfully have never felt more vulnerable, lost, uncertain, and disheartened BUT like I said I am fine and remaining as composed and patient as possible.
I am still going to Ecuador, I have faith in this.
Once again, thank you to all of you, I love you and will continue to keep my blog updated as it was created for my travels and it will remain that way--they have not ended in Chicago!

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Departure to Cuenca, Ecuador, January 16th

Warmest Greetings to Friends and Family!
In less than 36 hours I will be embarking on an Ecuadorian expedition! I am departing from Minneapolis and flying to Miami at which point I will be uniting with the 15 other participants involved in this particular program. (None of which are from Luther, rather from all over the nation) From Miami, we will fly to the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Quito, the northern most city in Ecuador is 8 hours from Cuenca, the southern most city in Ecuador. It is from Quito that we will take a bus to Cuenca. Cuenca is a city of 300,000 people, including surrounding areas, approximately 500,000 people. Cuenca is known as the "Athens of South America" for its artsy, theatrical, architectural, and musical cultural dynamic. It's located in a valley of the Andean mountain range.
While in Ecuador I will be studying and completing my Spanish major. In addition to this, I will conducting an internship towards my Gender Studies major, working with women and children.
On my blog will try to provide at least, weekly updates with photos. I welcome repsonse, questions, and comments and appreciate your interest, support, and concern.
Many Hugs and well wishes!

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