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Ponderings from the recent non-blogger. 09.04.2007
Cajas National Park and the otherwise uneventful weekend... 20.03.2007
The Curse of Ecuadorian Oil 14.03.2007
Galapagos and Beyond! 13.03.2007
The First Few Days of the Galapagos Islands 05.03.2007
In preparation for the Galapagos Islands. 02.03.2007
Giron 28.02.2007
Information for my 3rd Grade Friends! 23.02.2007
Carnaval and all that was! 21.02.2007
Orphanage accounts 16.02.2007
Thunderstorm and Earth Quake! 13.02.2007
Takin´ it to the Streets 13.02.2007
Week of Carnaval...wet, wet,wet... 12.02.2007
Cuenca Factoids 08.02.2007
Carnaval, Classes for next session, Los Baños 07.02.2007
Principal 06.02.2007
Orphanage, Tutoring Opportunity, and Photos 02.02.2007
Eye-opening lecture 31.01.2007
The Weekend 29.01.2007
Classes and other reflections 26.01.2007
No photos today... 25.01.2007
Soy una Cuencana! 25.01.2007
An Ecuadorian Welcome 23.01.2007
Cuenca, Ecuador, here I come! 22.01.2007
I got my passport! 19.01.2007
Strengthening Setback 18.01.2007
Optimism 17.01.2007
Departure to Cuenca, Ecuador, January 16th 14.01.2007